About the @HOME recycling app

@HOME is a free recycling app for iPhone, iPad and Android. The app delivers local information on waste collection and recycling in a clear, visual format, getting your Authority’s message across without the need for costly leafleting.

Encourage recycling and promote clean streets

Most residents want to contribute to a cleaner environment - @HOME is an appealing and cost-effective way to engage them.

You can improve levels of service by sending alerts to subscribers when disruption is likely. A built-in reporting function allows residents to report issues directly from the app to help reduce calls to your contact centre.

@HOME is not just a recycling app, it can become a vital council app for citizens.

What @HOME offers residents:

  •   Details of recycling and waste services provided at their address
  •   See next collection date
  •   See at a glance what can/cannot be placed in each container
  •   Receive alerts e.g. no collection due to adverse weather, additional recycling materials now collected
  •   Receive reminders to put containers out
  •   Search for and view maps of local recycling points

Excited about the opportunities the @HOME recycling app offers your council?

Download the brochure or speak to a member of the team today.